The Poetic Turn

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COMING VERY SOON! If you want to know when this is launching, please drop me a line!

Online course, activities and resources suited for:
Ages: 14 - 19
Appropriate for students in: Visual arts; Non-Traditional Arts; Media Arts
Materials for session one: Sketchbook, pens, personal cell phone
Materials possibilities and methods for sessions 2 - 4 may include but not limited to: fabric, embroidery thread, paint, collage materials, video, sound, sculpture.
The Poetic Turn merges diverse materials and activities – the thoughtful collection of a personal textual archive, self reflective writing exercises, experimentation with new materials, and the presentation of these processes to the other learners – so that students might come away with a studio-focused experience, critical thinking skills, and material studies and artworks that speak to their concepts in a poetic manner. Important to this project is that learners consider the role that social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and communication technologies (text messaging, blogging) play in their lives.

Initially working from these social media sources for texts, students will question how these tools, and specifically the immaterial information gathered on them (words), can be used to as content to make something material; to make artworks.

It is expected that in this process, students will work to develop more thoughtful approaches to and uses of the technologies that they encounter everyday. Students are encouraged to get lost in the process of working with materials, to experiment and to come out of the project with a number of artworks that begin to articulate a personal narrative.
Additionally, in this online version and as past of distance learning, students will be expected to meet up in small groups online to share their process, experiments and final works.

Purchase of the Poetic Turn comes with:
a) workshop schedule expectations and goals
b) visual slide presentation of artists complete with links to other
c) a list of recommended materials and resources for learners.
Download is in PDF format.